Are you ready to get a Ph.D in you?

This is the place for your PERSONAL HEALING and DEVELOPMENT!

Are you ready, once and for all to PRIORITIZE YOU!



Did you know that you can be living and breathing but simply existing? Okay, don’t even answer that…it was a rhetorical question! Because here is the thing. I haven’t met a woman, including the woman teaching this course (me!) who hasn’t found herself in that funky “just existing” space!

If you are there…or have been there, I promise…I can help!

Let me break down what I mean by L.I.F.E.  – When I talk about Living L.I.F.E., I mean “Living Intentionally Fully Engaged”! To Live L.I.F.E. means that you are no longer living passively and that you are diving all the way into the DEEP END of life! No more shallow waters for you!

Here is another way to think about it:

The Live L.I.F.E. Course is a chance for you to officially GET OFF of the Roller Coaster of Crazy!

Come on…You know what I mean! The Roller Coaster of Crazy is that cycle that we find ourselves on that feels like we just can’t get from where we are to that place we know we were meant to be…!

I don’t want you to be stuck anymore…I’m here to help!


Just in case you didn’t….THIS PART IS IMPORTANT!!

“L.I.F.E. Circle” with Sister-Friends is a super special opportunity designed for FRIENDS to go through TOGETHER!

This opportunity is being offered a SIGNIFICANT DISCOUNT so that more people can take advantage of this life-changing journey!

The investment for this experience is only $500 PER PERSON! That is LESS THAN $100 per week!

So, we suggest that you partner with AT LEAST ONE other person (Limit of 5 women PER friend-group)! Once you invest, there will be a form for you to fill out to let us know what friend you are partnering with – of course, your friend will have to invest as well and fill out the form!

You and your friend(s) will invest $500 per-person and you will be ready to rock and roll!

Remember, you can join with ONE friend or up to 5 of you can join together! Y’all…this is going to be a BLAST!

(Interested in going through LIFE Circle Solo?  Remember, the course is designed for a friend-group to go through together, but if you choose to go through the course alone, click HERE for more information!)

Here’s What I Know About You:

You are a GO GETTER

You see a challenge and you are going to over come it!


Folks know if they need it done, you are the one to call!

You are DRIVEN

You set a goal and you won’t stop till you hit the top! (Isn’t that a song?)

BUT!!! As dope as you are…. As successful as THEY say you have become…You sometimes wonder:

  • Why you feel so overwhelmed…
  • Why you don’t feel as amazing as folks think you are…
  • Why you sometimes wish Calgon would just come and take you away…

Don’t get me wrong…LIFE IS GOOD and you sometimes feel guilty about “complaining” …but deep deep deep down it feels like something is missing and you are ready to figure out what it is!

Well, homegirl you have stumbled onto the right page at the right time, because THIS COURSE IS FOR YOU! This is the VEHICLE that is going to get you to where you really want to be…AND YOU my love are in the driver’s seat!

WHAT YOU DON’T KNOW WON’T HURT YOU…is one of the biggest lies we can believe!

When it comes to YOU, Sis, what you don’t know can derail you for a life time!! The Live L.I.F.E. Course is a revolutionary opportunity for YOU to get a Ph.D in YOU! This 6-week Course is custom designed to support you towards your own PERSONAL HEALING and DEVELOPMENT (PHD)!

Your commitment to L.I.F.E. Circle is actually YOU committing to YOU!

During this 6-week Journey you will:

  • IDENTIFY the SPECIFIC goals that will ensure that you finish this year strong
    • We all had big “post-pandemic” goals and while we are still dealing with the pandemic, that doesn’t have to stop us from making the rest of this year count!
  • Gain CLARITY on what HAPPINESS really means to you…
    • This is more than just knowing what latte you love (although chile THAT is important…), this is about that DEEP ROOTED happiness that you have been longing for….
  • Figure out why you keep feeling STUCK and what you need to do about it…
    • You know how it is…you keep bringing up the SAME conversation with your girls…they are sick of it and actually you are too. Let’s figure it out once and for all…
  • DISCOVER your PDP… (Yep, you have one)
    • Your PDP is your Personal Dysfunctional Pattern and discovering this will help you STOP the PERSONAL sabotage that keeps hindering your growth!
  • UNCOVER the strengths and areas of growth of your conflict style
    • We all have a natural way that we respond to conflict, and it can either MAKE or BREAK our relationships! Since relationships are the highest form of currency let’s make sure yours are HEALTHY!
  • CRAFT a personalized guide for your life!
    • As a woman of faith, you know that the Word tells us to write the vision and make it plain…and that is exactly what you will do!
  • Establish stronger connections with the people you love!  
    • Once you have a greater awareness of yourself, it frees you to connect authentically with the people you care about in a way that you haven’t before!
  • Girl ALL of this GOODNESS in just SIX WEEKS! What are you waiting on?


Okay, so sis….Before you keep scrolling:

So far I have outlined the heartbeat of the Live L.I.F.E. Course! If you get it and you are ready to rock and roll, you can go ahead and sign up!

If you are like me, and you want all the deets, keep reading because I got some more to say!

So, what are the NUTS and BOLTS…the MEAT and POTATOES…What is included in this Program?

I am SO very Glad you asked!

The Live L.I.F.E. Course is a 6-Week (Self-study) Program and it includes:

* WEEKLY High-Value Lessons delivered within the Live L.I.F.E. Portal

* WEEKLY Exercises, Challenges, Worksheets to support you in your process

* GUIDED Discussion questions to facilitate deeper awareness

Girl, I don’t know about you…but I always want to know “what’s the bottom-line”?

So let me answer that….What’s going to be different about your life after this 6-Week journey?

At the end of our time together you will:

  • Establish (or re-establish) an INTENTIONAL pursuit of God that helps to under-gird your entire journey
  • Be able to CONFIDENTLY say NO to those things (& people) that don’t serve you
  • Know how to articulate your NEEDS in way that eliminates confusion in your most significant relationships
  • Learn how to take PERSONAL responsibility for what IS and IS NOT working in your life
  • Once and for all let go of the GUILT that keeps you from caring for your OWN soul
  • Forge DEEPER connections with those in your life

Let’s get your Questions Answered….

Q: How do I know for sure if this course is for me…

A: First because you’ve read this far…lol! But seriously, sis…you deserve to pause your life, just a bit…to pay attention to what matters most to you! You know you are sick and tired of the status quo and you are ready to go on a personal discovery to move from where are to where you are destined to be!

Q: When does the course start?

A: The Course is ready to go NOW! Once you invest, you will have access to the course!

Q: What if I can’t complete all the sessions?

A: The lessons will be available in the portal throughout the entire journey. PLUS you will have TWO-WEEKS post graduation to continue to review the content!

Q: What if I want to go through the course with a group of friends?

A: We actually open up LIFE CIRCLE periodically throughout the year! Click HERE to learn more!

Q: What if I invest but then change my mind?

A: GIRL!!! I don’t want you to back out of investing in YOU!  But, just in case something comes up and you can’t make it happen this go ‘round, no worries! You can get a FULL REFUND up to 24 hours after your investment.

Q: Do you have another question that we haven’t answered?

A: Shoot us an email:


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