Sis. I think I know a few things about you. You are a Box-checker”, a “Go-getter”, an accomplished and driven woman.

But deep down you know something is missing, but you can’t quite put your finger on it.

OR…maybe you can! You know what the missing piece to the puzzle is….you just don’t know what to do about it.

And, the one thing about you is that you are willing to do what it takes. That has never been your problem. You are use to stepping up to the plate…you just need somebody to point you to the plate! At this point in your life, you are ready to get OFF the ROLLER-COASTER of CRAZY and make some changes in your life & / or your relationship. (Sidenote: Most of the times the “stuff” that shows up in one area of our lives, bleeds over to the other areas. But we’ll get more into that once you are ready to get started!)

So, if I hit the nail on the head…If any of the above resonates with you…I got you! I specialize in creating a safe space for driven women so that they can put the pieces of the puzzle together! I also highly recommend the online casino industry. Because not only men can work productively in this industry. The Slotogate platform allows everyone to try themselves in gigadat casinos

Let’s partner together so that I can help you Discover what it means to Live L.I.F.E….to:


You are officially invited to join me on the “LIVE L.I.F.E.” Journey!
Using the PROVEN 7-Step Live “L.I.F.E.” Formula I will help you gain the CLARITY that’s missing, uncover the COURAGE that you already have and help you tap into the COMMUNITY needed to experience the LIFE (& LOVE) you long for…!



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LIVE L.I.F.E. JOURNEY * The 6 Week Clarity Commitment

Ready to jump right in, but only have a limited time? No worries! Let’s do it! Over the course of 6-weeks I am going to help you (1-on-1) get a “PHd” in YOU! At the end of this 6 weeks you will have great clarity on what is hindering YOU from the LIFE you truly desire! Click HERE to invest!

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LIVE L.I.F.E. JOURNEY * The 12 Week Clarity & Courage Commitment

Sis, you are not playing! You already know this is for you and you want to dive all the way in! Well, let’s do this! As soon as you click to invest, we will (1 – on – 1) dive into the Clarity and Courage 12-week Commitment where we will work together to help you gain CLARITY as to what is hindering you and to uncover the COURAGE that’s already in you – to live the LIFE (& love) you long for…CLICK HERE to Invest!

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LIVE L.I.F.E. JOURNEY * 1 HR Check-up

ONLY FOR “L.I.F.E.”-rs! Women who have previously gone through the “Live L.I.F.E.” Journey but just need a refresher! CLICK HERE!


I create the space that helps you to “PAUSE and PAY ATTENTION”…

This is important. And it’s the start of our journey. We spend a LOT of time focusing on you being clear about YOU! What is your personality type? What are your core values? What is your conflict style? What are your cognitive distortions? We gather all of this information over the course of 6-weeks. This is the CLARITY process. Because once you get clarity on YOU we can then take the next step! And listen, as a woman of faith, I am committed to helping you be the woman God has preordained for you…not for your mama, not for your sister, not for your bff…GOD has a preordained plan for you and it’s not to live stressed out, overworked and unfulfilled. Who has time for that!? Not me…and not you either. So this phase helps us to discover what already resides in you….

It’s important to note that this is not a clinical journey – meaning this is not a substitute for therapy. If you are experiencing distressing feelings that are hindering your ability to function, then you will need to seek counseling from a mental health professional.  While I am a licensed therapist, when working with a client, I do not toggle back and forth. If we start out in a therapeutic relationship, that is where we stay. If we start out in a coaching relationship, we stay in that lane.

This coaching journey is for the woman who is motivated and ready to take the reins of her life, in her own hands (well…actually…she is ready to take her life and place it in God’s hands and then allow HIM to guide her the rest of the way)!

Then, we apply what you’ve discovered in real life…

During the clarity process, we will have uncovered several roadblocks that have hindered you on your journey. During this phase, we will work together as you begin to apply all that you learned during phase one into real life. This is where the COURAGE comes in sis…this is the place where the rubber hits the road…this is where you have to decide if you are really ready to take the LEAP to be who you really want to be…and the truth is, at this point I’ll be INVESTED so you can expect a nudge towards L.I.F.E…!

Lastly, we dive into your people…

We were never meant to do life alone. We need COMMUNITY. So after we’ve gotten clarity and upped our courage, we start to make sure that you are surrounded by like-minded women to help you maintain your momentum…the community is filled with fellow “L.I.F.E.”-rs who have moved from the sidelines and are in the depths of INTENTIONAL LIVING!


I’m Robin…and I’m obsessed with helping women like you…

I want to help you tap into what is already in you so that you can have the LIFE and the LOVE that I know you long for…

As a LIFE Coach and THERAPIST I have been in the trenches for over 15 years helping women and couples transform their lives. Through this program, I will serve as your COACH and I would love to add you to the list of women I have supported on their journey!

I invite you to be a “L.I.F.E.-r”…that is what we call the women in my community that have committed to Living Intentionally Fully Engaged!

Let’s talk!

The discovery call is free. So there is nothing for you to lose!

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